World Food Day

Eating healthy is one of the most important things for healthy and good life. In order to create more awareness on this issue on 3rd of October we made a survey about healthy food among 200 youngsters in Kocani.

However, most of the countries from all around the world focuses more on hunger in world food day, our attention was on eating habits which cause obesity or overweight because this problem is more prevalent in Macedonia. While other countries who suffer with hunger use the motto ‘Stop Hunger’ for world food day, our motto is ‘ Eating healthy is not a commercial’ which refers this is longterm habit and it shouldn’t be percieved as temporary show and expensive.

Despite the increases in obesity in the world, eating healthy is also became popılar and peope started to eat healthy. As in many places of the world, healthy food has taken improtance in Macedonia too. There are many healthy food markets in Macedonia. For this purpose, a survey was conducted on the occasion of the international food day in one of the small towns of Macedonia, Kocani. The target paticipants for the survey were youngsters between 16-30 ages. It was aimed to learn the understandings of these young people on this subject. According to the results of the survey 41,21% of people think that  eating healthy is expensive but for 9 questions out of 10 the answers indicates that more than 50% of people have opportunity and availability for eating healthy but all of them haven’t enough or proper knowledge about it and that’s why they sometimes think that it is time expending..

Thanks to the survey that we conducted we have understanding  about how Kocani youngsters are feeding and how they care about eating healthy and We will give a speech on local television on 16th of October  and mention about our results and share some suggestions about eating healthy. We expect that it will increase the awareness and help to change their eating habits.

Also, we prepared a small information booklet with healthy nutrition theme prepared by volunteers in our office. We set up a stand in the city center and presented them to people. As a result of our research, as part of the World Food Day, we informed people about nutritional supplements and provided free access to them with RIFAM.

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