Game ON, Obesity OFF

“Game ON, Obesity OFF” was a youth exchange project co-funded by European Union under Erasmus+ program. It took place in Nyiregyhaza, Hungary between 27th of September and 4th of October 2021. We had a chance to meet youngsters from Hungary, Poland, Serbia and Italy. During the project there were many activities such as:

– workshops during which we learnt about healthy lifestyle and obesity;

– sport games – we learnt popular games from all project countries and practiced Petanque;

– intercultural exchange – where we could learn about each other and our traditions, dances etc.

This project made us feel great. It was really interesting and encouraging to meet and talk to new people from different countries and learning some words in their language. For most of our team this was our first project and we hope it wouldn’t be the last.

We learned that in life to success something you need to be brave and to set goals to achieve them. From the games we learned that we need to corporate and to be calm if we want to go to the end. Even though we have different opinions we always listen each other. We are very happy for being part of this. Thank you all!

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