APV meeting in Wien 19-20 January 2019

On 19th and 20th of January, representatives from 6 organizations (each of 1 member and 1 team leader) gathered together in Wien, Austria, to prepare a youth exchange that will have the duration of 8 days and will take place in Wien.

The main theme of the project is “Path to Success”. It is organized by “PS: EUROPE”, focused on the importance of developing youngsters and youth workers teamwork and leadership skills. The participants will be able to learn more about the different kinds of decision-making which will develop their sense of entrepreneurship and will enhance their employability. 

During the APV meeting team leaders discussed all important details regarding agenda, selection of participants, logistical part, defining the exact date of the project etc.

The countries involved are: Italy, Spain, Greece, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Poland. Macedonia was presented by our association members Dragan Kuzmanovski and Elena Davidova.

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It was disscused about all the possible participants ranging form teenagers to people in their 30s, students, unemployed and successful people. The second activity was creating the content of the info pack. The participants shared different proposals such as the general information about the project, the traveling options, contacts, etc.

After they settled the details about the project they had spare time to explore Vienna.

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In the evening they continued to hang out in some of the Vienna clubs.

The next day was dedicated to walk through the program of the project. Each country took responsibility to moderate each day and go through the program and all the activities concerning the training, like energizers, presentations, intercultural nights,etc.

Overall, it was an exciting experience followed by visiting great places meeting and befriending people from different countries that would last for the whole life.

Wait for our next Newsmail, and find out how did the exchange go!

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