Pavel Satev Associations

  • EVS sending hosting coordinating organization

    Association of law students and young lawyers PAVEL SATEV KOCANI is open to all regardless of national, racial, religious and other affiliations.

  • Helping local community

    Making contacts and promoting cooperation with other organizations from same and similar type in Macedonia.

  • Abroad and foreign activities

    To develop young people’s mobility in international frames and to prepare them for professional career.

Pavel Satev

Some things you should know about Pavel Satev...

PAVEL SATEV KOCANI is active in any field that affirms similar aims and objectives.For example: giving protection to kids without parents, to develop young people’s sports spirit, education and rising the degree of the ecological awareness, developing and promoting multi-ethnical and cultural development. Main purpose is to promote, develop and establish mutual understanding, cooperation and personal contacts between the young people.

PAVEL SATEV KOCANI‘s Goals and objectives of PAVEL SATEV KOCANI, through seminars and conferences, academic activities, exchange of experience and knowledge of students of different legal systems, organizing public debates and round tables, forums, scientific conferences, concerts, exhibitions, sports events and more. Association of law students and young lawyers PAVEL SATEV KOCANI is nonpartisan, independent, secular, non-profit association.

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