EVS Media (Blog, Newspaper, Radio)

As volunteers we are writing articles on our various topics. Then we make the necessary arrangements and add photos about the subject and share our article on our blog site. Each week is about changing different topics, often happening social issues. We do the necessary research and collect the information and write our blog. Each subject has an average duration of 1 week also. Sometimes we collect concrete information from the municipality. They are helping us. Here we are continuing a good activity to fuse with local people and get one to one information.

Also, we make surveys and interviews for some topics. For example, in the past few weeks we made a survey and interview on the subject of Professions in Kocani. So In this way, we get information directly by contacting local people. This is really big experience for us.

At the same time, we have an online newspaper and we publish articles that we write about various social issues here.

We have our own on-line radio where volunteers are creating talk shows or music programs.

On-Line Magazine – we have monthly on-line magazine which we are doing in Adobe in Design. Volunteers are writing articles connected with interests of young people which we are publishing in the magazine.

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