Photography Course and Photography Team

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Pavel Satev volunteers are always happy to share their skills with other people. Nowadays photography is among the passions of people of all walks. It is actually not as easy and simple as it seems.
With our volunteers who realized this, we decided to open a course on this subject to local people and local students and we took action. Among our volunteers, those who were interested in photography closely supported this decision. As in other courses, we have started the necessary preparations to organize a photography course in order to bring new skills to local people and local students. We thought that the best way to do this was to reach young people and we decided to cooperate with a school (high school) in Koçani. After our negotiations, we noticed that the students and teachers at the school were very interested in this topic. Then we started by preparing a plan, program and brochure on this topic. With the support of all our volunteers, we have completed the program and the brochure. After we had the necessary interviews with the school that we will cooperate, we started our courses one day for one hour per week. Our aim is to provide basic photography skills to the students and the teachers at the school and to improve their interest on this subject.
We also acquired the support that we needed for the promotion of our projects and for the promotion of the culture that we live in thanks to our photo team that we established and we reflected the skill of our volunteers to our work in our projects. Our photograph team took the responsibility of photographing our projects and converting into movie. We prepared and are still preparing some short movies for the promotion of our organization, Kocani and the other cities of Macedonia. When we get positive feedbacks from the local people after realizing our activities and works we decided to move forward and strenghten our target.
Together with our photograph team, we will continue our efforts to achieve more beautiful and comprehensive projects. This will continue with our wish to reach a larger audience.

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