Macedonian Folk Dance

All countries of the world, have their own traditions and customs of the region. The countries have their unique music , instruments, costumes and dances which continues too many years. Folk dances host all the historical development of a society where it shows traces of local content, stands out as a significant example of tradition for historical tissue .Folk dances are not only a dancly simply but also are telling the stories of the cultures in their regions .
Folk dances which belong to regions are different from other areas of ​​art. Because just like a mirror it reflects all the features of the region and folk dances shed light to the history of the community and it differs from other forms of art as a form of art showing the characteristics of the society. Both the rhythm and melody demonstrate all the features of the areas where their unique historical development and movement. One advantage of making not as an individual group of folk dances also represents unity, social cohesion can be experienced, there are also positive aspects such as blistering sense of national unity and solidarity. Through showing interest in folk games, young people may have knowledge about the region which they belong to and they can sustain those traditions to the next generations. Thanks to folk dances, it is possible to undertsand how they live and also the joy of culture, grief, seperations, longing. Thus, all emotional and national informations about that cultur can be learned.
Macedonian folk dances are lively and crashing games. This is due to the vitality of the Vardar River. Macedonia also has its own folk dances. All these games are exhibited with fun and enthusiasm by all the local people. Generally it is called “Oro” which is played by the men and women. The best known feature of Balkan games are best known feature is the sequent of gameplay as a continuous chain. Most of the games except exceptional rhythm games are played fast and mobile. The most common folk dance in Macedonia that you can come across is called Pajdusko Oro Paidushko Horo game. It is one of the most popular and lively game in Rumelia. Origin is adopted by the Skopje region, but it is also often game which is played at the wedding of Albania and Bosnia and and their entertainment. According to its story, this game is known as a drunk game. It is a game that is played with 2 to 3 rhythmsand withdraw the right foot forward twice by navigating and order is a progressive game that bounces right three steps when it comes to third. This game that has idiosyncratic melody is one of the most entertaining games of the Balkans.
We as a volunteers are also going to those folk dance courses averagely 2 days per week and these classes are 2 hours long. Thanks to this we have opportunity to know better the culture of Macedonia . Dance is something that means the cohesion of the people who are speaking different languages. Herewith, both volunteers and the local people can interact with each other and provide cohesion. So, that means we are using the universal power of dance.

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