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The objective of projects are to promote and implement youth inclusion and European citizenship among the young people of the town of 50 000 inhabitants named Kocani and situated in the east Macedonia.

To achieve this objective volunteers are engaged in different activities of the organization throughout their EVS covering the spectrum of short and long-term projects.

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The volunteer will be part of the organizing team for the activities that are organized by the students of the high school Goso Vikentiev in Kocani related to sports events like football or basketball tournaments; drama or theatre plays etc. Volunteers can participate in the cooperation with other organizations like eWorld Community and Peace Corp, Kocani City Library (promotions of books, poetry reading, book fairs), Associations of Pensioners from Kocani (developing of Pensioners Clubs, helping in organizing their monthly sport contests, helping in activities of pensioners choir), local Youth Club and local kindergarten (work with Roma children in creative workshops together with staff in the kindergartens and our local volunteers).

A volunteer should be: open-minded, capable for and interested in independent work and contribution in the wide spectrum of short and long term projects. Volunteer will be involved and will take active part in the team that works to promote hosting organization through activities such as visits per local schools, organizing workshops and the opening of the debates, organizing info days to present the Youth in Action program of the local young people, writing articles in the online magazine to describe the work of the association, updating the web page and facebook profile of our organization, distribution of flyers in places where young people gather to inform invents who organized our organization etc.

Association of law students and young lawyers Pavel Satev Kocani as the host organization offers supervision and guidance to the volunteers (incl a mentor who is responsible for providing personal support during the EVS), gives the volunteers the opportunity to integrate into the

    local community, ensures the participation of volunteers in the on-arrival training and mid-term evaluation, arranges language learning opportunities, offers to volunteers the opportunity to carry out a well-defined set of tasks, provides suitable living conditions, food and pocket money. Proper support to the volunteer will be provided in all phases of the project. Volunteer will receive personal, learning process, task-related, linguistic and administrative support.

    The European volunteer's tasks will be related to learning and acquiring new skills, so as to be able to work on the activities. Volunteers will receive general information about Macedonia and will take an intensive Macedonian language course.

    Volunteer will be provided with basic training on public relations and communication skills. The volunteer will be introduced with the local community. The understanding of the area and people (culture, religion, language) as well as the recent history is essential for understanding the target group of projects that have a promotional purpose. Volunteers will be introduced with the laws regarding youth in Macedonia.

    Volunteer will enlarge their understanding of world and develop their skills to plan and implement activities useful and taylor-made for particular local government. Hosting organization can develop the spectrum of projects to improve the local government and promote European Union educational programs. To recognize and validate individual learning outcomes the volunteer receives a Youthpass Certificate, which describes and validates the non-formal and informal learning experience and outcomes acquired during the project.

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